24 Gauge Standing Seam Metal

Vero Beach, FL

Krispy Kreme:  Duro-Last PVC Membrane on the Flat Roof with Metal Facade 

Metal roof options:

Choosing which type of metal roof is right for you:

Standing Seam Metal:  This is usually 24 Gauge (thicker than 26 Gauge).  This offers a different look with the fasteners hidden within the seams.  Our standard offer for this type of metal is with a 1.5 inch standing seam.  

.032 Aluminum Standing Seam Metal:  Buckskin color option

Vero Beach, FL.

24 Gauge Standing Seam Metal: "Copper Penny" color option

Gas Station, Palm City, FL

Duro-Last PVC Membrane

10 Condominium buildings

We believe that a metal roof is your best investment for your roof.  They will last for more than 30 years, and will likely NEVER have to be replaced!  The material used when installing a metal roof is critically important!  They offer energy efficient roofs that will reduce the cost of electricity to your home because they reflect the heat rather from the Florida sun!

The types of metal available for roofing contractors can make a difference in the life expectancy of your roof.  How will you know which type of roof is best for you?  What types of metal roof options are there?  We can help you make the decision that best fits your budget and expectations.

Most of the differences in metal roof options are aesthetic.  It may come down to your budget and wether you like the look of one over the other.  We stand behind our metal suppliers and believe they offer the highest quality product available out there.  The warranties offered through our suppliers meets or exceeds industry standards.


Wendy's Jensen Beach:  Duro-Last PVC Membrane. Many Commercial projects with flat roofs choose Duro-Last because their warranty is an industry leader and their product is Energy Efficient!  We can use this product on your home too!

5V Metal:  This is usually 26 Gauge galvalume metal and the fasteners are visible on the outside.  These fasteners are installed and built to last! This roof is the most budget friendly and also has a high wind uplift. It should last a lifetime.  Tree debris can get caught in the fasteners, if you have a lot of trees over your house, this might not be the best option.

Aluminum:  If you are within a short distance from the Ocean or the Indian River Lagoon, you should choose the aluminum option.  Aluminum is the only option that will provide a warranty near salt or brackish water.  Aluminum is Kynar coated with a color of your choice.  We offer the aluminum in the Standing Seam option

24 Gauge SS Metal with Soprema Flat Roof

Soprema SupraStar Flat Roof

Mel Fisher Museum, Sebastian, FL

We also completed the sloped roofs on the museum with 5V Metal

Duro-Last PVC membrane on a flat roof in Vero Beach. 

Duro-Last provides a 20 Year NDL Warranty on their product.

We can provide options for insulation which will provide an increase in Energy Efficiency.

Leeward Roofing

.032 Aluminum Standing Seam Metal

Sebastian, FL

Tile Roof:  Vero Beach, FL   

We guarantee your tile roof will be installed with a method that is trouble free!  Our tile roofs are installed to withstand the elements.  We install tile roofs with extra measures to ensure the tile roof will last!